This Inspiring Video On "Why Your Life Is Not A Journey" Will Change Your Perspective About Life 04:29

Philosopher Alan Watts explains why the way of looking at your life as a journey can be the most destructive way in this inspiring video.

Watching A Chef Cut Vegetables Using One Of The World's Sharpest Knife Gives You Eyegasm 03:35

The way the food piles up is so satisfying. ► Related: Unbelievable! Gordon Ramsay Extracts Every Ounce Of Lobster Out Of Its Shell During "MasterChef"

High-Flying Dunker Jordan Kilganon Shocks NBA Players With His Professional Dunking Skills 04:03

Watch as Gary Payton and Glen Rice react to Jordan Kilganon’s amazing dunks at NBA House Rio!

In Japan, Moving Houses Is Less Of A Chore And More Of An Art 03:59

In Japan, movers neatly pack all of your things up and take photos of furniture placement and how things are placed on shelves. When they arrive at your new home, they place everything exactly as you had it in your previous home. Moving is an art to them.

This Guy Gives A Tutorial On How To Catch Fish In The Sewer 02:51

Not sure if this is deadpan humor or for real...

SO COOL! This Project Turns A Paper Airplane Into A Live Streaming Drone 02:45

The PowerUp FPV kit launched on Kickstarter lets you experience flight as if you were sitting in the cockpit of a paper plane. Read more on:

Astronomer Carl Sagan Shows You How It Was Determined The Earth Was Not Flat Thousands Of Years Ago 06:42

Carl Sagan explains the most simple deduction made around 200BC by the Astronomer Eratosthenes.

Martin Shkreli Refuses Cincinnati Zoo's Request To "Stop Memeing" Harambe 03:35

Martin Shkreli, the entrepreneur who jacked the price of AIDS drugs, shares his thoughts on the death of Harambe and the usage of memes to commemorate the loss.

Artist Spends 2.5 Years Creating This Incredible Timelapse Painting 03:11

Dutch artist Thijme Termaat understands the competition in today’s art world is fierce so he decides to create a timelapse to stand out from the crowd.