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Admission Brochure of International MBA(IMBA) Programme



1. Mission


CUFE MBA program devote oneself to foster managementleaders with an international mindset, innovation ability, expertise in financeand accounting, and an ability to make socially responsible decisions.



2. Objectives


Students should be able to achieve these objectives uponcoursecompletion.

a) With good professional quality andprofessional ability to fully grasp the organization and external environmentand make the right management decisions.

b) With Strategic thinking ability and excellentleadership skills, capable organization's leadership and managementresponsibilities.

c) With financial expertise, able to adapt tothe trend of the economic and financial management needs.

d) With an international vision and a goodcapacity for international cooperation, to act management responsibilitiesunder the background of economic globalization.

e) With an innovation ability,to apply creative ways of thinking to solve current businessproblems.

f) With a high degree of social responsibility,to assume a proactive social responsibility to lead the development of thetimes.



3. Program Duration


The program duration is two years with full-time study.



4. Credit


The total credits student should acquire are noless than 46 points. The courses are no less than 43 credits, including 4 creditsof the preliminary module, 2 credits of the orientation module, 28 credits ofthe core module and no less than 9 credits of public electives module (includingno less than 4 credits of the directional electives module, no less than 2credits of the integration module and 1 credit of the courseMarxism andMethodology of Social Science).The MBA students should participate in the teamworktraining, which is 1 credit of the Orientation Module, also should write theindustry analysis reportsand attend no less than 5 times’Frontiersof Management and Entrepreneur Forum, which is 1 credit respectively.



5. Degree


Master of Business Administration(MBA)degree.



6. Research Field


According to market demand and the university’sadvantage disciplines, the MBA Education Centre offers one profession directionas International Business Administration.



7.CourseModule and Curriculum


1)Preliminary Module


In order to make sure the MBA students toacquire the basic knowledge necessary before learning, students withnon-economic or non-management backgrounds must complete the preliminarycourses before entrance. Students with economic and management backgrounds arealso required to take the final exam as to get the credit. The preliminarymodule provides online course, the new MBA students register on the website ofthe MBA Education Centre and start learning after receiving the admissionnotice.



2) Orientation Module


The orientation module aims to make sure the MBAstudents have a self-understanding as soon as possible, to strengthen their senseof teamwork, to improve their communication skills, management thinking and analysisability. MBA students must complete the orientation courses.



3) Core Module


The core module offer MBA studentsbasicknowledge and make them to possess skillsand tacticsnecessaryin management and economics, in order to be competent for management work. Corecourses are compulsory.



4)Directional Electives Module


Directional elective module is set for the researchdirection of International Business Administration. This module courses highlightthe expertise and skills in management field, and are specially designed fortraining MBA students’ professional abilities. Learning through electivecourses enables MBA students tograsp modern management knowledge and skills ina wide range, on the basis of which to help them have a more in-depthunderstanding of specific fields, and the capacity to engage appropriateprofessional work.



5) Public Electives


Public electives are designed for various professionaldirection students to optimize their knowledge structure, improve culturalqualities, enhance skill training, broaden their knowledgehorizon, and providesupport for students’ future career development.



6)Oversea Module


Overseas module is designed to expand MBAstudents’ international mindset, which include modes of international exchange,overseas academics and entrepreneur lecture series, international visiting,etc, on a voluntary basis.



7)Integration Module


Integrated module is designed to enable MBA students tointegrate skills and tactics from the curriculum, and to apply theminto a practical situation, by means ofintegrating courses, forums, internship, industry analyst reports,dissertations, and so on.


Integrated Practice Courses offerBrand InnovationManagement, Entrepreneurial Management and Commercial Decision and Simulation,whichrequire MBA students choose at least one of them.With the cooperationof CUFE Technology and Finance Industry Park in the course ofEntrepreneurialManagement, we organize students to participate in management of innovationand industry enterprises to improve innovation ability and motivate entrepreneurialspirit. The course ofBrand Innovation Managementintroduce consultingproject from companies and enterprises into class as to improve innovationskills. The course ofCommercial Decision and Simulationprovides asystem simulation environment to make students to take part in operation andcompetition of companies and enterprises.


Integrated module offer management frontiers and entrepreneursforum series, as the second curriculum, we invite renowned scholars,entrepreneurs and government officials to make speech in CUFE in order tobroaden students 'horizons, enrich students' knowledge, enhance communicationbetween students and enhance the value of MBA study.


After the second semester, MBA studentsmust form teams forindustry research and internships, writing industry analysis reports in thesummer.


After getting 42 credits in the program scheme, MBAstudents are required to study in-depth company specific management issues andcomplete the dissertation in the patterns of integrated case study report orindustry analysis report.                                                                      



Address:MBA Education Center,Central University of Finance and Economics,39 Xueyuan South Road,Haidian District,Beijing(100081)
Copyright 2015@ MBA Education Center, Central University of Finance and Economics

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